Here you will find Archives for EZTV - an alternative media arts space.


EZTV is a community-based artist run organization and a focal point of the independent video revolution. With roots dating back to 1979, EZTV is among the first independent art spaces dedicated to video and to digital art. EZTV pioneered the use of video projection as a tool for legitimate exhibitions. Added to the numerous completed and exhibited projects presented throughout this Online Museum, several interesting unfinished projects are also included. The original artifacts; videos, posters, photos, etc..., from this Online Museum are curated from the archives of several collections.

This site coincides with the opening of "EZTV Video Transfer" - a three-month long series of exhibitions, screenings, live multimedia performances, and panel discussions sponsored and curated by ONE Archives at USC. As part of USC's ONE's acquisition of the EZTV archives, digital conversions of rare 1980's and 1990's era analogue videotapes are provided by USC Cinematic Arts, Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive.

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